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  • Hello Again

    ​Weekdays at 1pm & 7:30pm PT

  • Cook In Fire

    ​Saturdays at 5pm PT in English and Sundays at 5pm PT in Farsi - Food with Fire & Flavour

  • Turn Around to Love

    ​Saturdays at 7pm PT - Miss Gao brings brings together couples and relationship specialists

  • Options For Youth

    ​Mondays at 3:30pm PT - Stories from Metro Vancouver Youth

  • Kamal's Top 5 Hits

    ​Thursdays at 9pm PT - Join Kamal for his top 5 video picks of the week

  • Simply The Best

    ​Mondays at 9pm PT - Join Luisa Marshall for music and community

  • KNTV Special

    ​Fridays at 8pm PT - Korean music and culture

  • Shaw Multicultural Channel

Shaw Multicultural Channel