900 - 1067 W Cordova St (Shaw Tower), Vancouver, BC, V6C 3T5, Canada

Contact us for program inquiries and cultural event promotion and coverage: (604) 629-3138
Email: smc@shaw.ca
For Shaw Customer and Technical Support please call 1-888-845-8303 or visit www.shaw.ca/contact-us/personal
Shaw Multicultural is available on channel 4 in Metro Vancouver, channel 10 in Calgary and Shaw BlueCurve TV channel 901 in those areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shaw Multicultural programs available to watch online?
Yes. You can watch most Shaw Multicultural programs directly through this website. You can also view Shaw Multicultural Community and Events coverage and promotion through the Shaw Multicultural Events YouTube channel.
I have a program or series that is perfect for Shaw Multicultural. What is the first step?
Please see the Shaw Multicultural “Program Application” form on the bottom left of this page. Please download the form, complete and email to smc@shaw.ca
How can I watch Shaw Multicultural?
Shaw Multicultural is only available on Shaw. In Metro Vancouver Shaw Multicultural is on channel 4, in Calgary, Banff, and Canmore it is available on channel 10, and in the Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton it is available on channel 116. For BlueCurve TV customers it is available at the start of our ethnic channels at channel 901.
I have a customer service or technical service question for Shaw, what phone number do I call?
Please call us at 1-888-472-2222 for 24/7/365 technical support.

About Shaw Multicultural

Shaw Multicultural on Shaw - Channel 4 in Metro Vancouver and Channel 10 in Calgary, along with Shaw BlueCurve TV 901, is a cross-cultural and multilingual television station owned and operated by Shaw Cablesystems. Shaw Multicultural is available to Shaw customers in Metro Vancouver and Calgary.

Shaw Multicultural features local and international series in more than 18 languages. Programs provide community information, music and entertainment programming that can be enjoyed by all audiences.

Shaw Multicultural Program Application

SMC reviews program proposal submissions for multicultural and cross-cultural television series from local independent producers. We are interested in high-quality local and international productions that meet our programming mandate. Please contact us as smc@shaw.ca to tell us about your proposal idea.

Click here to download the Program Application form